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If and when requested by Fieldgate Commercial Properties Limited you agree to provide true, accurate and complete user information and to refrain from impersonating or falsely representing your affiliation with any person or entity. Except with the written permission of Fieldgate Commercial Properties Limited, you agree that you will not access or attempt to access password protected, secure or non-public areas of www.fieldgatecommercial.com. Unauthorized individuals attempting to access prohibited areas of www.fieldgatecommercial.com may be subject to prosecution.

Except with the written permission of Fieldgate Commercial Properties Limited, you agree that you will not create links from any web site or web page to any page within www.fieldgatecommercial.com with the exception of the. The origin of any such link to the www.fieldgatecommercial.com must be accompanied by a clear and prominent attribution indicating that the link is connected to www.fieldgatecommercial.com. For example, prominently positioning the ” Fieldgate Commercial Properties Limited ” name and mark such that there is clear association between the name and mark and the destination of the link is acceptable. However, you agree that you will not juxtapose the “Fieldgate Commercial Properties Limited” name and mark and the link with your name or any other material(s) in a manner which might give rise to any erroneous conclusion that there is any affiliation or association between Fieldgate Commercial Properties Limited, on the one hand, and you or any other person or entity, on the other hand. You agree that if Fieldgate Commercial Properties Limited, in its sole and unfettered discretion, requests in writing that you remove any link or links to the www.fieldgatecommercial.com, you will promptly do so. You agree that if you create any link to www.fieldgatecommercial.com that you will not employ any technology that results in the placement of content from the www.fieldgatecommercial.com in a frame and/or a reduced pop-up window and/or any other display mechanism that changes www.fieldgatecommercial.com from how they would appear if a user typed in their URL to a typical browser line.

You agree that Fieldgate Commercial Properties Limited may in its sole discretion and at any time terminate your access to and use of the www.fieldgatecommercial.com, or any part thereof, with or without notice.

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